Social Adventures Connected to Real Places in AR

Going to a food court? Concert? Coffee?
Play XSight adventures on the go with your friends.

Play social adventures
connected to real places in AR
Emoji Discover

Discover People and Places in AR

Get real time information about nearby people, places and more in Augmented Reality.

Discover people and places in AR
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Point your camera to a person, tap on their avatar and message instantly.

Instant Messages
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Become Recognizable

Set your status and choose who can see you in AR during your adventure. You are in control, and your data are protected at all times.

Become Recognizable

XSighting Adventures

We have "Go for Coffee" and "Build Your Team" adventures, but many more are coming - food court, Friday Night, conferences, real estate and others.

Food & Drink
Things To Do

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Real Estate

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XSighting Use Cases

Oliver opens XSight to explore adventures around him. He can join a team or build his own and start a new adventure.

Adventures connect to real world scenarios: Friday Night, karaoke, food court, conferences, hiking, learning.


Lee goes to a conference. She is a tech person and looking for a business cofounder for her new venture.

She enters "Build Your Team" adventure and turns on XSight GoPublic mode - hologram avatar appears on top of her head.

Users can click holograms, invite to the team or just engage in XSight direct messages.


Trevis can use XSight camera to connect and message his peers and local super-star students. Trevis is getting to know his peers faster with XSight.

Trevis and his friends go to a bar, they choose XSight Friday Night adventure.

They are going to have night full of fun:
Collecting tokens, Build a team, Get Freebies for tokens, Compete with other teams, Discover hidden items and NFTs.

Adventures & Places

Tom is up for a lunch. He opens XSight camera and discovers 3D items around - such as burgers, pizza, drinks etc. He collects what he likes most, and the track of 3D pizzas leads him to a favourite pizza store.

Tom can even exchange 10 XSight pizza items to a real one in the actual shop!


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