We’re looking for passionate adopters for spreading the beauty of AR opportunities to enhance the everyday world.
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What we believe in
Giving back to our adopters,
and we'll allocate 30% of our tokens to the community pool.

Who we are

XSight Reality - it’s an AR adventures platform that connects Metaverse experiences with real-world scenarios. XSight makes it possible to play adventures with friends using your phone camera in AR, where the whole world is your game field.

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What we offer

  • Tool to boost engagement with your audience
  • Ability to interact with your audience in Augmented Reality
  • Your own personalised AR adventure
  • Ability to sell own adventures for real money
  • Place among token emission
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Program Benefits

🌎 Web 3

We'll allocate 30% of our tokens to the community pool, and a portion of that will be given to all individuals who bring new users to our platform. The rewards will be proportional to the number of referred users, so the more users you bring, the more tokens you can earn.

🕹 Gamification

By inviting new users and earning referral points, you'll receive different titles and badges depending on your position on the leaderboard. This will make you stand out from other players and create a sense of community around your brand.

🎯 Engagement

Using XSight features you can boost engagement of your audience, which helps you increase your reach and connect with your followers on a deeper level. A new way to interact with your audience in Augmented Reality (AR) provides a unique and immersive experience that can help you stand out from the crowd and increase engagement.

🤑 Monetization

The ability to sell your own AR adventures for real money provides a new revenue stream for affiliates. By creating unique and engaging adventures, you can monetize your audience and create a sustainable income from your content.

🎢 Growth

This program offers a great chance to increase your audience and grow your following. Inviting more users will increase your rank, making you stand out from other players. Do you remember guys that started TikTok in 2019? You’ll be among the first famous people on a new growing Social Platform.

🤩 Awareness

By participating in the Ambassador Program, you'll become one of the first popular people on the new, growing XSight Social Platform, which will give you the opportunity to reach many new users.

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